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The Full Story


Bri here 👋🏼 Aloha and welcome to Sun + Salt Campervans. When I moved to the island of Hawai'i in 2020 to caretake a small farm, I had no idea how much transformation and adventure would be in store. This island is warm, wild and beautiful for anyone who is open to receiving what she has for you.

While most of the tourism industry here presents a very curated and polished version of the island, I wanted to give access to the more nuanced and adventurous side that I experienced. But I also didn't want to lose the sense of coziness and warmth that the island brings. The result of this vision is today the Sun + Salt Campervans.

It all started in April of 2021 when I was hosting a couple of friends on the Big Island and they were telling me about their campervan. It dawned on me that a Campervan could be a great solution to the hours of driving my guests were doing to see everything all the way around the island.

Next month, I purchase my first Ram Promaster cargo van. In just 25 days and with the help of a couple van angels and a lot of Youtube videos, Bertha made her way over to the Big Island.


Now, we have a fleet of five vehicles (four vans and one sick jeep for the off-roading adventures!) to choose the perfect home away from home for your Big Island adventure.



To design spaces that allow you to experience transformation through community and beauty.

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