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How to Rent a Campervan in Hawaii

Updated: Jan 29

a luxury campervan in hawaii with the ocean and lava rock in the background. The interior is white and clean with wood counters, a sink, and a bed in the back.
The inside of Sun + Salt Campervan: Shirley

When looking to rent a Campervan on the Big Island of Hawaii, it’s important to know what you want out of your experience before booking a Campervan. Below I walk through some questions before you book your Campervan rental in Hawaii.

Of course, we hope you'll rent with us at Sun + Salt, but some alternatives we list here might be a better fit for you!

What do you want your Campervan Rental experience to be like?

When booking a Campervan, you might just be looking for a dry bed to sleep in at night. If you’re down to rough it a bit, you can consider options like Honoli'i, run by our friend Beth Ann.

If you’re looking for an experience with a few more amenities, booking a van that has a bed, a sink, and a stove, you might look at options like Kozy Koa run by our friend Dug.

And finally, if you’re looking for a simple, cozy, and elevated campervan with a cozy bed, stove, kitchen supplies, toilet, and even solar shower, then consider renting from us, Sun + Salt Campervans!

How confident are you in driving a Campervan?

Sometimes if you haven’t driven a Campervan before, it can be a stressful experience setting out on the highway with your entire vacation rental.

This is the exact reason why we chose a smaller van frame (136 wheelbase) for our renters. Our Campervans, though spacious on the inside, are the same exterior dimensions of a standard pickup, so you can feel confident parking them anywhere and driving them all over the island.

If you’re at all nervous about driving around a Campervan, don’t add to the pressure by booking an extended body vehicle (and while you’re at it, consider renting on of our vans!).

What’s your budget for a Campervan Rental?

Depending on the combination of your budget and the type of experience you are looking for, you might consider roughing it or another option is to look into renting direct rather than through a rental platform.

If your budget is a little tight but you’re set a cozy, luxury experience, instead of renting through a site like Outdoorsy (where you have to pay a daily insurance rate), ask the owner if they allow you to rent directly to them.

Here at Sun + Salt, we have the option to rent directly to our customers, which saves you a good amount on your daily rate. When you have comprehensive and collision vehicle insurance, you don’t pay any extra for insurance with us.

What is your tolerance for bad weather?

Some Campervan rentals are very open-air. Meaning you sleep inside but almost all of the other amenities are outside. While the island of Hawaii is almost always sunny somewhere on the island, it might not be where you’re camping tonight.

If you’re used to camping in bad weather and being a little wet doesn’t bother you that much, then you might have more flexibility here. On the other hand, if being cozy and dry (not matter the spot, no matter the weather conditions) is important to you, then consider a fully self-contained campervan like what we provide at Sun + Salt.

Our vans, while designed to be experience inside and out, will still give you a fabulous experience with the van completely sealed up in the event of bad weather.

Interior of a campervan rental in Hawaii. Swivel captain seats with a swivel table with a yummy breakfast and coffee and palm trees in the background.
Swivel seats and a lagun table allow for cozy dining inside during bad weather.

How much power do you need in your Campervan?

Are you looking to charge devices or even work remote while on the island? Then consider a Campervan that has 200 AH batteries charging off of solar panels and the alternator. Ask your host about the battery capability in advance.

We stocked up our camper vans Betty, Shirley, and Laverne with a ton of power so you can run the fridge, ventilation fan, and you’ll never run out of power for your devices.

Finally, book your Campervan Rental!

Now that we've assessed all of the factors going into booking your Campervan Rental, it's time to make a decision! Find lots of great Campervan rentals in Hawaii on Outdoorsy or consider getting in touch at to book direct with us at Sun + Salt!

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