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Is it safe to stay in a campervan on the Big Island of Hawai'i?

Updated: Jan 29

This is a common question we get from guests traveling to Hawaii for the first time. The short answer is, yes, it is safe to camp overnight in a campervan on Big Island as long as you follow state laws and local regulations.

While the resorts have long capitalized and even monopolized the Hawaiian tourism industry, resources like Hipcamp, Outdoorsy, and Turo are making local experiences accessible, safe, and benefitting those who live on the island.

With new access to camping on Hawaii, how safe is it legally and how is the local sentiment towards guests traveling in a campervan?

The back of a campervan open in the middle of the road under the milky way night sky.

Is it legal to sleep in a vehicle in Hawaii?

The law states that is it not illegal to use any vehicle for human habitation unless it is parked on a roadway, street, highway, or other public property between 6pm and 6am or while it is parked on private property without the consent of the owner. 

This does not include parking vehicle for human habitation in parks, camps, or other recreational areas in compliance with the law and regulations for that area.

Are locals friendly to campervan guests on big island?

I can speak from our experience and what other campervan hosts have told us. No guests have reported any negative experiences or interactions. When my partner and I take the vans out ourselves for a quarterly check, we are always pleasantly surprised by how encouraging and supportive locals are of the vans. 

Local friendliness is dependent in large part on the generosity and curiosity of our guests. I am so lucky to have phenomenal guests. They know they are guests on the island and they want to leave the island better than they found it. They are generous, non-intrusive, and kind people who are mindful of others. 

A little bit of Aloha goes a long way in ensuring we keep a positive vibe going from Campervans on big island. 

Is it safe to stay in a Campervan on Hawaii island?

When you book a trip in a campervan, you're signing up for an adventure. There are more variables and more risks any time you choose to camp or stay in a campervan.

As long as you follow local regulations and state law, it is safe to camp overnight in a campervan in Hawaii. As a Campervan host, I haven't had a single guest report any issues or feelings of being unsafe.

Where can you park a campervan overnight on the big island of Hawaii?

When you book a campervan with Sun + Salt Campervans, I equip you with a map of spots you can safely park around the island in one of our campervans. That being said, I have several free resources sharing some of our favorite spots, too :) 

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