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Meet Laverne! The Pink Campervan

Our latest Campervan in the Sun + Salt fleet just made landfall and don't tell the others, but she is my favorite! I mean, just look at her!

The attention to detail in this build, including the beautiful live edge countertops and subtle pink cabinets are what make her feel so cozy and special traveling around the island. Just like the other vans, Laverne is fully stocked. She's got a plush full mattress, four pillows, premium sheets and comforter, a ventilation fan over the bed for cool nights, a fridge/freezer, kitchen sink with a manual foot pump and 6 gallon water tank, a portable stove, all the kitchen utensils you could dream of (including a coffee grinder and french press!), stationary outdoor solar shower, and a fully self-contained diverting toilet with a ventilation fan to push out any bad smells out of the van.

In addition to everything that comes with the van, it's common for our guests to take advantage of our affordable add-ons available with Laverne like beach chairs and umbrella, a hammock, inflatable paddle board, 8ft foam surfboard, body boards, a tent, BBQ, and jet boil!

A Few Upgrades

Unlike Bertha, Betty, and Shirley, we decided to experiment with screens in this van. When I've traveled around the island in the vans, by and large the bugs are not a huge issue, but thought it might be nice to test out having screens. I was back and forth on if it's worth having screens, you get the protection from bugs and can have the doors open at night, but you also have to deal with getting around them to get in and out of the van. We decided to test it out and will let you know how it goes!

Like Shirley, in this van we also kept the new direction of the fridge drawer, which meant the driver side lower cabinet is a little shallower, but we found it still gave us more than enough space and made the drawers a tiny bit lighter without as much volume, giving them a lower chance of flying open around fast turns.

Check out the details in the upgrades in our new van tour video on Youtube!

Lessons Learned

While we learned a LOT of lessons on the first and even second van, Laverne has the luxury of being the fourth van in the fleet, which means while it took a lot more work and trial and error on the other vans, we knew exactly what to expect with Laverne.

But don't take our word for it! Come see for yourself!

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