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Hawaiian Playlist and Podcast Recommendations for your Campervan Trip Around the Big Island

Updated: Jun 23, 2023

Use Drive Time to Listen and Learn

I love to encourage my guests to take advantage of the time they spend driving around the island to listen and learn from native Hawaiian voices.

If you drive all the way around with no stops, it takes you about five hours to drive all the way around the Big Island. If you’ve got an Airbnb in one spot, that means you’ll spend about 2-5 hours every day driving to see everything and that car time adds up!

On the other hand, if you’re renting a Campervan on the Big Island to make your way around, seeing all the sites as you go, you’ll save a lot of time driving back and forth and make some incredible memories on your journey.

What better way to take advantage of your drive time to listen, learn about and support the Hawaiian arts, history, and culture! Here are a couple of my favorite resources:

Hawaiian Podcasts

Join Luana Kawa’a on Maui as she shares about how to live with greater Aloha through her life experiences as a native Hawaiian wife, mother, grandmother, and educator. This podcast is wonderfully accessible and packed with wisdom and knowledge. The episodes are short and meaningful, the perfect background for your drive time.

This is an amazing project dedicated to putting Hawaiian values into practice to build a healthy body, mind, and spirit for you to stand taller and Live KŪ. I am a huge fan of their work and can’t recommend them more highly as a resource for learning about Hawaiian values and how we can practically live them out to make the world better.

Hawaiian Playlists

Despite great efforts from western colonization to eradicate Hawaiian culture, Hawaiians have preserved many aspects of their culture through storytelling and music. Like many indigenous cultures that faced forced cultural assimilation, music became a place of refuge for values, stories, art, and movement from the Hawaiian culture to remain preserved. Mahalo to the great native Hawaiian artists and musicians who share their gifts and spread the spirit of Aloha through their work - past, present, and future.

From slack-key masters to songwriting royals, Native Hawaiians have created the isles’ most memorable music.

Exactly what it sounds like.

Songs that feature a soothing Ukulele and artists from all over.

Popular hits covered with the Ukulele.

What did I miss?

Have a recommendation to share? Send it to Bri at to get it added to the list 💛

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