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5 Tips to Make Your Big Island Adventure More Sustainable

It is so important when you are visiting any new land, to travel respectfully. One of the best ways that you can respect the land and the people on the Big Island of Hawai'i is to travel sustainably. Here are our five top tips for traveling sustainably during your Sun + Salt Campervan Adventure.

Campervan traveling on the road with Mauna Loa in the background covered in clouds.
Big Island Bertha and Mauna Loa

Tip #1: Use ONLY reef-safe sunscreen

Do you part to protect the ocean and our reefs. I recommend not buying sunscreen until you in Hawaii to save space in your luggage and because Hawaii has advanced regulations about what types of sunscreen can be sold on island. Look for zinc oxide or mineral sunscreen which provides a layer of minerals rather than lotion that seeps into your skin. There is a list of ingredients to avoid in sunscreen, but here are a couple of my favorite sunscreens that are reef safe.

Tip #2: Pick up trash as you go

We have provided extra trashbags in each Campervan so that when you go to the beach you can bring a small bag with you. During your beach day, go for a walk on the beach and make a game out of how many pieces of trash you can collect. You'll feel great knowing you left the space a little better than you found it.

Tip #3: Pack in and pack out

Wherever you stay, leave no trace. Our campervans are fully self-contained with a toilet inside. So instead of popping a squat outside, use the toilet. You can still get great views and feel the wind on your bum if you leave the doors open 😉

Tip #4 Support local vendors

Hawaii Island is a paradise of amazing locally grown food. With just a little more effort, you can support local efforts and locally grown food. Some of our favorite resources for locally grown food:

  • Local Farmers Markets (we especially love the Wednesday Waimea farmers market at Paniolo stables)

  • Edible Peace - the most delicious mac nut cheese spread you'll ever taste

  • Hawaiian Vanilla Co - a darling family run business that grows delicious Hawaiian Vanilla and gives tours.

  • Kona Sea Salt - take a tour (and do a tasting) where they produce deep sea salts

Tip #5 Volunteer

Giving your time and energy is one of the greatest gifts you can give. Consider volunteering with the Waikoloa Dry Forest Initiative to conserve and restore Hawaiian forests. Find an upcoming volunteer event HERE.

Find a beach cleanup with Surfrider or check for an upcoming beach cleanup at Kahalu’u (also the only beginner surf spot on the island).


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